Will I have to pay to complete a course?

Eurosource is able to access funding for individuals and eligbility will be checked

Do I have to attend an educational centre?

Eurosource do not have designated centres, our Training Advisors will carry out assessment visits within the workplace. However, there are workshops for Management training

How often will I be visited?

Typically every 3-4 weeks

How long do the qualifications take?

Intermediate Apprenticeship - 13 months

Advanced and Higher Apprenticeship - 14 months

What do the courses include?

A competence based qualification

A knowledge based qualification (if applicable)

Functional Skills (English, Maths and ICT) unless suitable exemptions can be provided  

Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

How will an apprenticeship improve my career prospects?

Employers recognise and value Apprenticeships as they show you have been trained in the skills they need.

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