19+ Advanced Learning Loans

19+ Advanced Learning Loans

So just how much can you take out as a loan?

  • The minimum amount you must borrow is £300
  • The maximum amount will be your full tuition fee
  • You don’t have to borrow the full cost of your course - you can pay for some of it yourself
  • There is no loan to cover living or maintenance expenses

Once you have completed your course, you will be eligible to apply for more 19+ Advanced Learning Loans to help you progress in your studies. You can apply for up to a total of four loans.

How is the loan paid?

  • Student Finance England (SFE) will pay your tuition fees directly to the Learning Provider once the course has started
  • You will only start to repay the loan after you have completed your course and are earning over £25,725 per year.
  • Your employer will take repayments from your salary during any pay period where your earnings before tax are over the weekly or monthly threshold
  • You will only pay 9% of any income earned above £25,725 per year
  • Any outstanding payments/balance will be written off after 30 years

 Example repayment amounts:

Annual income before tax

Monthly repayment

Up to £25,725






 For further information, please call 01782 711927 

Alternatively, please visit one of the specialised sites below:

Official website: https://www.gov.uk/advanced-learning-loans

Qualifications and careers information: https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk

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